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All about Repairs/ Reliners/ Rebase

1. Repairs

Most denture repairs to fix cracks or replace missing teeth could be done in about an hour? At Dentures Ajax, we offer you choices to fit in your busy schedule when you need us for a denture repair. We can help you evaluate the best course of action if your denture is broken beyond repairs.

Not all denture repairs are considered simple repairs, and our fees may vary based on the amount of time involved. However, we will give you a quote and an exact price before we start and this will not change.

Dentures generally break for a reason. If you bring us a denture for repair that we did not make, we will be more than happy to fix your denture. However, we explain to our patients that we are fixing only the broken part of the denture, because there is usually there are other reasons for a denture to break other than wear and tear.

When a one or multiple teeth pop out of a denture, it is often due to the balance of the denture hitting either your other denture or your natural teeth during chewing. By replacing the missing tooth we are NOT fixing the problem with the balance of your denture that create the original problem.


When a denture breaks in half it also can be repaired in a short period of time. Putting your broken denture back together can be done in about an hour, and we can do this as a simple repair. Be aware that breaking it again can happen at any time. There are no guarantees in this type of repair. This type of break is also often due to the balance of your denture hitting either your other denture or natural teeth when you chew. In these situations we suggest that set up a future consultation and consider replacing your dentures. Repairs are often only a temporary solution for your denture as there other underlying factors that are creating the situation.


Once a denture breaks, it will never fit the same way again, and you should think about replacing it eventually after the repair.

2. Reline/ Rebases

It is completely normal for dentures to become loose over a period of time as your mouth changes. Recent weight loss will cause a denture to become loose and not fit properly.

Relining your denture is a technique we use to refit your denture. We take an impression of your mouth in the denture and replace the base of the denture leaving the teeth in their same position. Giving you an updated fit with a new base, but not changing your appearance.

If New England Denture Center did not make the denture that may require a rebase, you will be asked to come in for an examination with our denturist to see if that would be the correct treatment for you.

If we did make the denture originally, we will schedule you for an appointment before 10:00 drop off your denture, which will be ready around 4:00 p.m. that same day.

IMPORTANT: Please do not use any denture adhesive on the day you come in for your examination or reline appointment.

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